My Top 10 list of Linear B words still used in Balkans

Ok, Ok, I know, Slavic languages belong to Indo-European family so it is not strange to find these sorts of similarities… Anyway, studying the script I have found many words that sounded familiar and decided to make this small top list. So without further ado:

10. Serbian: “DAR”. Very widespread, from Mediterranean to Middle east and India. clearly IE.


9. Serbian: “MATER”. Another common IE word. Even the English word is similar.


8. Serbian: “NOVA”. Common IE word.


7. Serbian: “DIV”, meaning GIANT. Also common IE word, but more interesting because the region of Balkans is still full of toponyms such as DIV-CI-BARE, DIVO-STIN… (lakes of giants, place of giants…). Jupiter IS a giant of our Solar system.


6.  Serbian “TO” – this.


5. Serbian “KORPA” – Basket. Here TO(R)PA. Ok, the first letter is not the same but sounds very similar. The alternative word could be TORBA – bag. *Credits to Goran Pavlovic


4. Serbian “TRPEZA” – table, feast, TRPEZA-RIJA – living room.


3. Serbian “TEPIH” – carpet. YA and HA were interchangeable in different regions.


2. Serbian  “VIDE” – they see, from VIDE-TI, to see (to know).


  1. Serbian “SITO” – sieve, but ZhITO – wheat. Is the phonetic value of first sign correct? Too little material to compare, but this sign does look similar to Cyrillic “Ж” (Zh).



  1. very interesting material man.
    Maybe word TEPIH can be TAPIJA (Ta-pe-ja(ha)) like contract or deal or something like this.
    I’m also very interested in this subject and I have some findings of my own an also i found some other words in linear B that are interesting for slavic speaking peole.

    Continue your work man 😀

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