Radegast and Simargl – two Slavic gods that never existed

The attempts to recounstruct the Slavic pagan pantheon can be quite confusing. This article explains some of the most common missconceptions.

Yuezhi and Asii – pt 2 – Xiongnu, from Bactria to Balkans

Who were the Xiongnu and what were their relationships with Huns and Bulgars? What is the meaning of the word "Balkans" and where does it come from? And what can we conclude about Slavic migrations to Balkans?

Prince Marko and the Scythian winged horse

Marko Kraljevic is the most famous hero of the Balkan medieval epic. The roots of the myth are probably much older than Middle Ages.

Lord Ganesha – god of Hindus or Turkic Danavas?

Was Ganesha originally a Solar deity of North-East Asia?

On Iasi and Yaziges, Serrapilli and Arivates

In the 1st century, Pliny mentions people called Serapilli and Arivates... Are these the first mentions of Serbs and Croats in the Balkans?
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Axis mundi

Some of the ancient myths could be over 12000 years old. They also may preserve a memory of a great cataclysm and an astonishing level of astronomical knowledge.




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