Universe according to Pythagoras – Pt. 2 – Secrects of the numbers

In the previous article, we saw the basic idea that lies behind Tetractys – a figure that represents the core teachings of Pythagoreans. We also saw that these ideas are in fact much older than Ancient Greece and that we can trace them to Vedic India. Now we will see some deeper applications of this teaching.

The basic law of Tetractys states that there are four stages of creation. The first three stages represent the interactions on a subtle, spiritual level, which becomes materialized in the fourth stage. This fourth stage then becomes the first building block of a new phase.

Two thousand years ago, Mary the Jewess, one of the world’s first Alchemists, had described this same law:


“One becomes two, two becomes three, and out of the third comes the one as the fourth.” Axiom of Maria

There is no number five

Now, the question is what happens after we reach the fourth raw. And the answer is simple, the new cycle starts all over again, using the previous one as the base. This is evident from the way that the number five looks in Arabic numerals. It is just an inverted number two.

I discovered that all of the decimal numbers seem to follow the rules of Tetractys. This shouldn’t be surprising, as the numbers we call “Arabic” actually come from the Aryans of Vedic India.

Tetractys and Arabic (Hindu) numerals

In the previous article, we saw how the Vedic caste system perfectly fits into Tetractys. Now, let us take a look at the Arabic numerals, whose roots are actually in ancient India. They represent the same principle.

This is my discovery, you will not read it anywhere else:

1. It is quite obvious that numbers 1,4 and 7 are similar in shape, while in the number 10 we get 1+0=1. All of these numbers relate to Monad.
2. Numbers 2 and 5 even use the same symbol, just rotated, perhaps symbolizing a different dimension of existence, based on the same principle. Similarly, number 8 depicts two circles, while 1+1=2. This is the Dyad.
3. Numbers 3, 6, and 9 are also similar, and again, the symbol for 6 and 9 is the same, just rotated. 1+2=3. This is the Triad.

The idea is obviously that the circle keeps repeating, each time the four becomes one, as “the Axiom of Maria” states. After number 4, the 5 becomes the new 2, the 6 the new 3, while the 7 is both Tetrad (4) of the old cycle and Monad (1) of the new one.

Until we reach number 12, the cycle repeats four times. Take a moment to think about it as it is really important.

A long time ago, I read somewhere that the straight lines represent the masculine principle, while the curvy lines relate to the feminine. This is again in perfect correlation with the Pythagorean teachings, which attributed the masculine and feminine qualities to numbers.

Tetractys and Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla famously stated that to understand the universe we need to unlock the secrets of the numbers 3,6, and 9. In another quote, he equated the universe with frequency and vibration. In the light of Tetractys and its connection to the numerical symbolism, all of these numbers would relate to Triad. And as we saw in the previous article, Triad stands for vibration and frequency. It is the “living” force of the universe.

Tetractys and Zodiac

Now, I have deliberately stopped at number twelve. Tetractys symbol contains ten dots, and for this reason, it is often related to the decimal system. However, we do know that ancient civilizations, such as Sumerians and Babylonians, had their system based around the number twelve. For this reason, today there are twelve constellations, twelve hours on a clock, and twelve musical intervals.

But we must not forget that it was precisely Pythagoras who “invented” the musical intervals. Indeed, the year has twelve months, and during this time four seasons flow one into another, lasting three months each. We could say that the law of Tetractys repeats four times during this period – creating a perfect harmony between the macro and microcosmos. The circle then repeats itself. Therefore, we can say that the laws of Tetractys can apply to the signs of the Zodiac as well.

Allowing for the process to repeat four times, we get the harmony between the two systems – the ancient Babylonian and the modern decimal. The number 13 is unlucky as it is out of the circle of creation – it represents chaos and nothingness.

Tetractys and mantra OM

He who knows not the eternal Syllable of the Veda [Om], the highest point upon which all the gods repose, what business has he with the Veda? (Rig Veda I.164.39).

The mantra OM is undoubtedly the most important mantra of all. And even though that it is known as OM, it contains three sounds: A-U-M. These three sounds are then followed by the silence – a fourth element of the mantra.


Obviously, here we see the same law of Tetractys, 3+1 and 1+3. Indeed, the mantra OM relates to the Supreme God, to all stages of creation, time, and consciousness (The four brainwaves). Not unlike the Tetractys at all. I strongly believe that these two symbols are just different representations of the same teaching.

I will write more about OM in one of the following articles. For now, let us just say that the scriptures are clear that these four elements create the very sound that set to motion our Universe (uni-one, verse-word). Its meaning is “I am”, the same name that the Jehowa from the Old Testament uses for himself.


Jewish Cabalists inscribed the name YHWH in the shape of Tetractys. The name of this symbol is Tetragrammaton. The full name appears only after the four raws.

Tetractys and the Fundamental Forces of Physics

Besides the Arabic numerals, there is another “unlikely” place where we see applications of the Laws of Tetractys. They are the four fundamental forces of Physics: 1. Gravity 2. Electromagnetism 3. Weak interaction and 4. Strong interaction.

However, electricity and magnetism were considered as two separate forces in the past. The fact is that all of these forces are so connected that nowadays physicists believe that they are a manifestation of a single underlying force (“A unified force”) which is not yet discovered.

I believe that the laws of Tetractys work in the same way. They all relate to the unifying element of the Monad. (Monad is the first dot, but also the whole triangle as everything is contained inside of it) For this reason, on the following image, I have separated the electricity from magnetism, as in the old model of physics. In this way, the first three forces fit perfectly into the symbolics of Tetractys.

Gravity, the most important force which holds our universe together comes from the Monad. This falls perfectly in line with Quantum Physics, which states that the source of gravity is not in this dimension. The days of the week also follow the Tetractys pattern. Monad reflects in the Moon, which has four different manifestations. The similarity between the words “Moon” and “Monad” is probably not a coincidence.

Magnetism is the result of two opposite charges. Its representation is Mars, the God of war, and the second day of the week. In Alchemy, his metal is iron – the most magnetic form of metal. Electricity was usually seen as the manifestation of the spirit, which is the symbolics of Triad. Mercury, to whom belongs the third day of the week, often carries a torch in his hand. The newly discovered Weak and Strong interaction are placed in the Tetrad simply by the process of elimination. But since the numbers 1 and 4 are connected, in Tetractys, it would be logical to expect that the “strong” and the “week” attributes are related to gravity. The fourth day of the week belongs to Jupiter, the largest planet in our Solar System.

To me, the parallels are very clear, but the full understanding can only come with a solid understanding of both Tetractys symbolics and Physics. Of course, the question remains, how was this knowledge available in ancient India. Was it a result of some supernatural agent, or are we looking at the vestige of a long-forgotten, highly advanced civilization?



  1. 1+3:
    “The exclamation Evohe, pronounced Hê: Vau: Hê, was the sacred cry of all the initiates of Egypt, Judaea, Phoenicia, Asia Minor, and Greece. The four sacred letters, pronounced as follows : lod: Hê: Vau: Hê, represented God in His eternal fusion with Nature, they embraced the totality of the Being, the living Universe. lod (Osiris) signified the divinity properly called, the creative intellect, the Eternal-Masculine, who is in all, everywhere and above all. Hê: Vau: Hê represented the Eternal-Feminine, Eve, Isis, Nature, under every form visible and invisible, fecundated by him. The highest initiation, that of the theogonic sciences and the theurgic arts, corresponded to the letter Jod. Another order of sciences corresponded to each of the letters of Eve. Like Moses, Orpheus reserved the sciences corresponding to the letter Jod (Jove, Zeus, Jupiter), along with the idea of the unity of God, to the initiates of the first degree, and even sought to interest the people in them by means of poetry, the arts, and their living symbols.” Krishna and Orpheus p.127 https://archive.org/details/MN40098ucmf_1

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